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Information for Authors

1. Peer-reviewed papers

Peer reviewed papers will be reviewed by at least two reviewers and, if accepted for presentation at the conference, they will be published after the conference in Elsevier’s Energy Procedia (ISSN: 1876-6102) open access journal

Peer Reviewed Papers Template

Please note that the length of your paper must be between a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eight (8) pages.

The guide for authors is  now available. Please strictly follow the guidelines provided to prepare your peer reviewed manuscript.

Please consult the FAQs document, provided by Elsevier about preparation of your manuscript.

Authors wishing to have their manuscripts included in the Energy Procedia Peer Reviewed proceedings will be required to sign a copyright form. Elsevier has now automated their exclusive license transfer process. A .pdf copy of the online form can be found here for your information. Do not complete the form at this time, as the copyright form will be sent directly to authors by Elsevier during the production process for the Energy Procedia special edition.

Note regarding ‘styles’ in the template. In Elsevier’s template for Peer Reviewed papers they make reference to the different types of styles you will be using within your manuscript, e.g. the main body style (which the template refers to as the ‘Els-body-text’ style), various heading styles, etc. We have found that some authors may not be able to see these styles listed in their Word ‘styles’ menu. If this is the case for you, please copy an appropriate section of text from within the template with the desired style, and paste it in your manuscript and edit the text appropriately so as to carry the attributes of that style to the location required.

2. Non-peer reviewed papers

Non-peer reviewed papers will be published on-line (on the IREE 2017 conference website) together with all abstracts outlining the content of all papers and presentations, and other details of the conference.

Non-peer reviewed papers will not be fully peer-reviewed by the conference scientific committee, however, they will all be checked for appropriate style, spelling, factual accuracy, etc. The authors need to follow the formatting guidelines that are provided in the Non-peer reviewed paper template and ensure that the quality of their manuscript is of a high standard.

Non-Peer Reviewed Papers Template

Please note that the length of your paper must be between a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eight (8) pages.  

3. Submission Instructions via EasyChair – All papers

  • To submit your full paper, please log into your EasyChair account;
  • Click “My submissions” on the top left-hand side corner or click the “Information” link to the paper for which you would like to upload your full manuscript;
  • At the top right-hand corner of the screen you will see several links as shown in the Figure below. You can update the abstract and keywords of the paper by clicking the “Update information” link and update the author details by clicking the “Update authors” link;
  • Click the “Add files” link to upload your full paper with both .PDF and Microsoft Word versions;
  • Click the “Submit” button to submit your full manuscript. You will then receive a confirmation email acknowledging your successful submission.

Important information

Please note that at least one author must register to attend IREE 2017 before your paper can be included in the final conference proceedings and/or published in Energy Procedia, and/or your presentation included in the program. Each person registering for the conference may present a maximum of two papers for a full (2-day) registration, or one presentation for a single-day registrati