Conference Presentations

Keynote presenters

Philippa Howden-Chapman Co-benefits of retrofitting insulation
Tadj Oreszczyn Household energy efficiency and health: Narrowing the performance gap with the help of energy epidemiology

Plenary sessions

Gene McGlynn The Low Income Energy Efficiency Program
Stephen White The ASBEC National Framework for Residential Ratings

Parallel sessions

Adam Shalekoff When energy efficiency is a healthy pursuit
Mathias Kimmling Thermal comfort in residential buildings with PV-powered thermoelectric surfaces for radiative cooling
Edgar Liu Lower income challenges to low carbon living in Australia
Nicola Willand “It’s not too bad” – The Lived Experience of Energy Saving Practices of Low-Income Older and Frail People
Lloyd Harrington Quantifying energy savings from replacement of old refrigerators
Lloyd Harrington Tracking the energy efficiency of whitegoods in Australia
Georgios Kokogiannakis Preparation of microencapsulated phase change materials (MEPCM) for thermal energy storage
Lygia Romanach Energy consumption in an ageing population: exploring energy use and behaviour of low-income older Australians
Mary Casey Affordable Housing and the Challenge of Living Buildings
Xiaozhou Wu Effect of Supply Air Temperature on Indoor Thermal Comfort in a Room with Radiant Heating and Mechanical Ventilation
Lygia Romanach Low-carbon homes, thermal comfort and household practices: Uplifting the energy-efficiency discourse
Daniel Daly Stock aggregation and visualisation in the NSW residential stock.
Jungsoo Kim Adaptive comfort behaviours in Australian households
Navid Asadzadeh Aghdaei Linear regression models for annual heating and cooling demand prediction in representative Australian residential houses
Richard de Dear Residential adaptive comfort in a humid subtropical climate – Sydney Australia
Petra Buergelt Working Together with Remote Indigenous Communities to Facilitate Adapting to Using Energy Wisely: Barriers and Enablers
Petra T. Buergelt Housing and Overcrowding in Remote Indigenous Communities:  Impacts and Solutions from a Holistic Perspective
Andrei Bobylev A national study of using real time energy monitoring in low income housing across Australia (2015-2016) as part of Low Income Energy Efficiency Program
Jessie Parrish Communicating energy efficiency with senior citizens; the influence of solar-PV and role of technology
Luis Medrano Social Housing retrofit: improving energy efficiency and thermal comfort for the housing stock recovery in Mexico.
Lars Lindbergh and Timothy Wilson Project Alidhem: A Case Study in Swedish Municipal Public Housing Refurbishment
Lin Liu Simulation study of an innovative ventilated facade utilizing indoor exhaust air
Jeremy Tarbox The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS): how researchers can provide evidence to drive residential energy efficiency.
Lachlan Mudge The impact of air conditioning system upgrade on energy use and comfort in low income housing
Peter Osman Opportunities to improve indoor temperatures and electricity use in remote Australian enterprise buildings
Qi Lin Simulation of Melting Process of Ice Slurry for Energy Storage Using a Two-Fluid Lattice Boltzmann Method
Ian McNicol Energy Efficiency Upgrade Potetntial of Existing Victorian Houses
Ian McNicol Zero Net Carbon Model for Victorian Houses
Jodie Pipkorn Improving Australia’s Energy Productivity and Residential Energy Efficiency
John Shiel Affordable DIY Retrofits for Rapid Decarbonisation and 21st Century Warming
Daniel Jones The Dollars and Cents of Residential Retrofitting in Australia
Graeme Sherriff Managing Warmth for Mental Wellbeing: Under consumption and Vulnerability
Mark G. Tatam Energy Efficiency and Resilience in Residential Buildings
Jesse Clarke Improving Australian Housing Envelope Integrity – A Net Benefit Case for Post Construction Fan Pressurization Testing
Susanna Savolainen Improving energy and water efficiency in NSW social housing 
Paola Leardini Towards Net Zero Energy for Older Apartment Buildings in Brisbane
Emma Heffernan Energy efficiency within mid-rise residential buildings: A critical review of regulations in Australia
Jose Ripper Kos Towards more resilient and energy efficient social housing in Brazil 
Phillipa Watson Warm house, Cold house: a review of measures of thermal comfort used in Get Bill Smart’s energy efficiency assessments
Jose Ripper Kos Nature as an extended interface to home automation systems
Lucy Allinson Hidden secrets from competing influences