IREE 2017 was held at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus.

The conference featured a tour of the iconic Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) building and the Team UOW ‘Illawarra Flame’ Solar Decathlon House. Both these buildings are award-winning, net-zero energy buildings.

Sustainable Buildings Research Centre

The SBRC recently won the Miles Dunphy Sustainable Architecture Award at the NSW Australian Institute of Architects awards night. The SBRC is not only a 6 Star Green Star building, but is also targeted to be the first building in Australia to win Living Building Challenge accreditation, which is widely recognised as the most stringent building sustainability rating in the world.

SBRC Website

Illawarra Flame House

The Team UOW ‘Illawarra Flame House’ is a practical demonstration of how a classic Australian ‘fibro’ home can be transformed into a world-class, net-zero energy, and beautiful 21st century home. Team UOW won the Solar Decathlon China 2013 competition with the ‘Illawarra Flame House’, and still hold the world record for the highest number of points scored by any team in the history of international Solar Decathlon competitions.

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